Boost your Leads and Sales

Online advertising is a tried-and-tested method of creating brand awareness, generating leads, and creating more sales.

Our paid advertising services offers several advantages in that:

  • It drives relevant traffic directly to your website or lead capture pages for an affordable price.
  • Allows for more audience targeting options that can be done even on a limited advertising budget – for example as little as $5 / day
  • It provides detailed and accurate return on investment (ROI) reports from your online advertising spend.
  • Your customer behavior trends can be determined by analyzing data which in turn can create more targeting opportunities on your website and ads.
  • Your brand can gain more awareness with different audiences from a variety of ad types and advertising platforms we work with.

Our Popular Paid advertising options

1. Search Engine Ads – Google and Bing

Google Ads are the mainstay of online advertising which allows your products or services to be promoted to people actively looking for them. Google Display ads reach 90% of all Internet users. Bing Ads are similar but capture traffic from Bing and Yahoo instead – the top two search engines after Google. You can reach about 15-20% of total search engine share because Bing powers ads on Yahoo as well as on partner sites and its own. Also, your dollar can generally go further because ad bids on Bing tend to be cheaper than on Google Ads.

2. Facebook ads / Instagram Ads

More than two billion people use Facebook every month, and the Facebook platform makes it easy to target very specific audiences worldwide with any budget big or small. All you need is a great offer and ad to capture the users attention as they scroll through their feed. The Facebook ad platform also allows you to target your followers and their friends and those that have previously engaged with your website, posts or ads.

Instagram has over one billion active users every month and 80% of all the accounts follow at least one brand on Instagram.  Instagram is a visual-centric platform, so we will aiming to post high-quality, attention-drawing images that can quickly grasp the attention of your audience. Instagram ads are managed by the Facebook Ad Platform.

3. YouTube

YouTube advertising is managed through Google Ads and allows us to show video ads to a large audience of potential prospects based on several possible targeting options. We can target your specific audiences based on their keyword searches, the channels and content they like to watch.

Our Affordable Service Fees

Ad Account Set up + Campaign Management: $450 

This includes setting up the ad account in Google, Facebook or Bing, creating the ads and the relevant targeting information plus the campaign management for the first month (regular monitoring, testing, and optimising of your ads to ensure they are performing the best they can).

This can also include setting up ad tracking code on your website and Google Analytics if you don’t have an account already. The $450 fee is for one ad account only. For example if you want to advertise on Google and Facebook that is a total of $900 to set up both accounts and ads and manage for one month.

Campaign management fee: $297 / month**

Includes new ad creatives and regular monitoring, testing, reporting and optimising of your ads to ensure they are performing the best they can. You can stop this premium service any month.

Video Ad production fee = $50 to $375 per video

(depending on duration and content) (This is optional)

Advertising budget:

Up to you. This can be as little as $5 / day on any advertising platform.

** This can be changed to a ‘Pay for Results’ fee where you pay a small % commission on any sales made or dollar amount for each lead generated for your business. To be negotiated.


Check out some examples of our video ads here.

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