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Other Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Take Charge Of Your Ranking And Have Potential Customers See You First.

Do you want more customers to find you business on Google? We’ll get your business to rank higher in search results and in Google Business Maps which will improve your traffic flow and increase sales for your business.

We offer clients affordable packages starting for as little as $77.


Social Media Marketing

Want to grow your followers on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest?

The more followers you have on your social media channels, the more opportunities you have to promote your offerings, through customer engagement and social shares. We’ll help create engaging content and a schedule of regular activity and engagement to grow your follower numbers.

We offer a high quality and affordable package starting at $150 per month. New Account setup fee = $30

Business Presentations

Need to create a professional looking presentation for your meeting or seminar?

Just send us your content and we’ll format it and create a stunning and professional presentation that you will be proud to present. We can even add video and audio elements if required. 

Prices start at $120 per presentation.

File Conversion services

File Conversions

Need help converting one kind of file to another?

Need to to convert a word file to PDF or vis versa, or need to edit a PDF?
We can also convert image files, audio files or video files to other file types. Just ask, and we’ll see what we can do for you. Maybe we’ll do it for free if it’s a simple task. 

Fees starts at $10 per file conversion.

And More things....

We can also help with proofreading, copywriting, email marketing campaigns, marketing collateral audits, website audits, website analytics, sound editing, marketing advice, text to speech, photo editing. Contact us with your request and we’ll see if we can help. We might even do the task for no cost if it’s a simple request. 

Our standard rate is $60 per hour.

Let us know how we can help you